Gold Coast has proprietary process technologies and production experience to produce the following products from raw or low-grade byproducts and waste:


Specialty Chemicals and Esters

Clean, Low Free-Fatty-Acid Fats and Oils as Feedstocks for Refineries

ASTM-Grade Biodiesel (<0.4% MG)

Fatty acid stripping

Methanol and solvent removal and purification


Crude Glycerin

Technical-Grade Glycerin





Specialty Fats and Oils



Specialty Methyl Esters

GoldEster SBO100- Soybean based methyl ester

GoldEster CAO100- Canola based Oleic methyl ester

GoldEster VO100- Vegetable based Oleic methyl ester

GoldEster AO100- Animal based Oleic methyl ester


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