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Gold Coast Commodities

 Biodiesel and Biofuel


With a growing demand for renewable fuel sources, we want to do our part in protecting the environment by recycling the fats and oils we collect. At Gold Coast, we aim to create  cost-efficient and environmentally friendly feedstock for the  biofuel industry from our yellow grease and animal fats.

Specialty Fats and Oils


At Gold Coast, we pride ourselves in possesing the capabilities required to reach many different markets in varying industries. Not only do we specialize in producing high grade feed products, we also utilze unique, patented technologies to yield various industrial fats and oils ranging from specialty care proudcts to biofuel.




Our goal at Gold Coast is to provide our customers with top quality feed ingredients that encourage optimum growth and health, designed specifically for your animals. We realize each animal has specific nutritional requirements, so we'd love to formulate a custom blend that suits your needs.


Restaurant Services


We realize that your goal as a restaurant is to please your customers, and we want to make that easier. We pay you for your used cooking oil and pick it up on a routine schedule, hassle-free. Our professional employees aim to keep your grease box clean and empty.

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