Acidulated Soap Stock

For over thirty years Gold Coast has been acidulating a wide variety of oilseeds such as soy, corn, and canola.  Gold Coast is one of the largest oil seed acidulator in the United States. 

Animal Feed

Gold Coast produces a wide range of feeding fats for poultry, bovine, and swine markets. We specialize in building formulated feed fats for each individual customer as we realize not all customer's markets or objectives are the same. Typical base products are acidulated oil seed soapstocks, UCO, poultry fat, palm fatty acids and oils, and more. 

Biodiesel and Biofuel

At Gold Coast, we recognize the push for renewable energy sources. We work directly with yellow grease and animal fats that can be used to make biodiesel in a cost-effective manner. Gold Coast is special because we utilize our unique, patented, and low-cost process to esterify a wide variety of fats and oils. We feel that by recycling our customer's oil as an environmentally freindly source of fuel, we are taking the first steps into making the world a "green" place.

Specialty Fats and Oils

Gold Coast has proprietary process technologies and production experience to produce the following products from raw or low-grade byproducts and waste:

 Specialty Chemicals and Esters

Clean, Low Free-Fatty-Acid Fats and Oils as Feedstocks for Refineries

ASTM-Grade Biodiesel (<0.4% MG)

Fatty acid stripping

Methanol and solvent removal and purification


Crude Glycerin

Technical-Grade Glycerin

Specialty Methyl Esters

GoldEster SBO100- Soybean based methyl ester

GoldEster CAO100- Canola based Oleic methyl ester

GoldEster VO100- Vegetable based Oleic methyl ester

GoldEster AO100- Animal based Oleic methyl ester

Used Cooking Oil

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